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We have leagues and tournaments for teams of all ability levels. Email  or call us at 532-BALL. The best time to reach us personally is between 3:30 and 5:30 pm.

Softball Leagues:  There are limited openings.  We can start your team as late as mid June.  Custom order the number of games your team wants and when you want to start and end the season.  Teams can play between 10 and 28 games. Free Softball tournaments for all Rec Sports league teams.

Free Saturday Softball Tournaments:   Limited to the first 24 Rec Sports league teams. The Coed tournament is Saturday, June 6 and the men's tournament is Saturday, June 13.  

Free Berth to the Final 4 Softball Tournaments:  The Coed Final 4 Tournament of Champions is Saturday, August 15 and the Men's Final 4 Tournament of Champions is Saturday, August 29.

Beach Volleyball leagues:  Begin Monday, April 27.  There are double header leagues at Woody's and the Rec Sports Complex. There are leagues for 4 on 4 coed, 4 on 4 women, and 2 on 2 coed teams.  There will be live music on the deck Monday through Friday at the Rec Sports Complex.   

Rec Sports is on Twitter and Facebook. Join the sofball, volleyball, and basketball groups to get the latest information on cancellations, schedule updates, and registration deadlines.

Twitter@recsportsonline    Click on the Twitter icon located on the top left of each page to follow us.  

Take pictures and share them with us on the Rec Sports Facebook Page.

Restaurant Update:  The restaurant is open. The restaurant has 20 big screen TV's and everything has been completely renovated. The goal is to convert the hockey rink to an outdoor Tiki Bar and also have a serving area by the bridge.

Cancellation Info:  Is posted on the website and the weather number (222-5010) at 4:45.  Please refresh your computer for updates. 

Sons of Summer Movie Update:   The movie will be shot in May or June of 2015.  Here are some links to articles on the movie click   

No Drinking Policy: Teams cannot drink alcohol by the parking lots or by the fields.  If a player chooses to violate this policy, they will have to pay a $50 fine in order to participate at the facility.


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